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Support Group Therapy & Counseling Sessions

Growth thru Change believes in healing through the group process. Group therapy allows individuals to share similar experiences, contribute different perspectives, and allow for a richness of insights gained. Identifying with others encourages hope as group members work collaboratively in the healing process. Having a forum to address issues with peers in the safety and structure of a professionally led group, creates the chance to form a common identity and a sense of shared purpose. Groups provide social support, they improve social networks and they can reduce stigma, isolation and feelings of alienation among members. At Growth thru Change we offer a variety of groups to choose from:

  • Women Supporting Women Group
  • Spirituality Health & Awareness Group
  • Teen Group
  • Wellness Support Group
  • Wounded Inner Child Workshop (CLOSED)
  • Couple’s Retreat Group

Please see below for group descriptions. ​

Women Supporting Women Group

Women Supporting Women offers a safe space where women have the unique opportunity to foster support for one another through mutual sharing and validation. In this confidential setting the facilitator will assist women in processing relationship challenges, emotional health and regulation, self-esteem, life-balance, strategies for effective coping and other topics unique to women. This group will help to empower you as we work together to create supportive environment for personal growth by: gaining a sense of control, improving your coping skills, feeling less alone, isolated or judged, learning how to communicate your feelings, embracing your personal narrative (Thursdays at 7PM).

Teen Group

While individual therapy remains an important component of our program, therapeutic work done in a group setting of one’s peers, recognizes that during this phase in a teen’s development they are most influenced by their peers.  Because of this, teens tend to be more open and honest in groups, and more likely to identify with feelings and issues that they struggle to express. Topics range from depression, anxiety, medication management, peer pressure, bullying, emotional regulation, social skills, and self-esteem (Thursdays at 4PM). 

“Couple’s Retreat” Group 

Couples, no matter how long they have been together hit roadblocks in their relationship. This experiential group is specifically designed for couples exploring their challenges through active discussion. Group members will gain insight from other group members while being challenged to assess their own relationship pitfalls. Practical tips and techniques will be a part of every group experience which helps to create a partnership that is founded on mutual respect, sharing, openness, and authentic communication. Couple happiness and bliss is not a myth; it can be achieved! (Meets once a month).

Wellness Support Group ​​

​​Wellness is a return to a life that you care about. Mental health symptoms create challenges and cause barriers to fulfilling one’s life goals. The mental health group works to improve one’s moods through group collaboration. As part of the group therapy session, members work to change their old ways of behaving in favor of new more productive and healthier patterns.  Using experiential methods topics are generated from the group members through group process and open discussion. In this format, the group is able to discuss specific needs of each group member while meeting overall process needs of the group. This allows the group to discuss what is important in the moment while providing tangible techniques to manage the multitude of issues that surface during ones lifetime. An important first step is spending 20-30 minutes discussing your needs and expectations of the group with the facilitator before starting. Please feel free to contact us for additional information. Participants are often surprised by how rewarding this experience can be (Thursdays at 6:30PM).
Developed in part with the help of Venture Focused Consulting