Growth thru Change’s Wellness Support Group is ​​Now Offered in the Evening

Wellness Support Group ​​

​​Wellness is a return to a life that you care about. Mental health symptoms create challenges and cause barriers to fulfilling one’s life goals. The mental health group works to improve one’s moods through group collaboration. As part of the group therapy session, members work to change their old ways of behaving in favor of new more productive and healthier patterns.  Using experiential methods topics are generated from the group members through group process and open discussion. In this format, the group is able to discuss specific needs of each group member while meeting overall process needs of the group. This allows the group to discuss what is important in the moment while providing tangible techniques to manage the multitude of issues that surface during ones lifetime. An important first step is spending 20-30 minutes discussing your needs and expectations of the group with the facilitator before starting. Please feel free to contact us for additional information. Participants are often surprised by how rewarding this experience can be (Thursdays at 6:30PM).

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