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Creating Sustainable Emotional Health

Sustainability means “in it for the long haul.” If you have a sustainable relationship, it means you have the communication tools to weather difficult times. If you have a sustainable routine, it means your routine can endure some changes to your schedule and lifestyle, while still providing you that sense of peace and structure.

The different approaches to therapy fall in one of two camps. The first camp is “symptom removal.” These approaches want to help you get rid of that anxiety fast, and do not care as much where the anxiety is coming from. The second type of approach tries to understand where the anxiety is coming from—the idea is that if the source is found and resolved, there will be no more anxiety in the future.

The best therapies and therapists combine both approaches. When a person comes in reeling from anxiety, depression, or any other issue that is affecting their life, it is important to relieve this distress as quickly as possible. Once things have settled down, however, it is productive to examine the source of whatever issue arose. Only an examination of the source allows for sustainable emotional health.


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